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Challenge Course


What the Challenge Course is All About:
Using an outside setting and an innovative curriculum, students at the Clark County Skills Center (and other interested parties) learn valuable professionalism skills by participating in Challenge Course activities. The Challenge Course is designed to take participants to a higher level of communication, productivity, trust, respect, and teamwork. This is done within a safe, challenging environment which unleashes the spirit of adventure and reveals the treasure of personal achievement.

How Our Students Participate:
Students are asked to solve a variety of unique problems which require team skills such as support, sharing ideas, goal setting, and leadership. Relying on each other, student teams will be solving problems that are on the ground or as high as 50 feet in the air.

The Benefits Achieved from Participation:
This is a memorable and safe way for students to develop their professionalism skills.


The Challenge Course is available to outside organizations as well as educational organizations.

Pricing packages are available for educational/non-profit organizations as well as sports teams (contact Dale for possible discounted rates). Our facilitators are trained and experienced for Corporate/business options as well. A minimum group is 10 people with a maximum of 15 people. Feel free to contact Dale Vandeberg at the Clark County Skills Center for more information.





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