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CTE (Plan 2) Teacher Certification Program

CTE Plan 2 Teacher Candidate Requirements

All Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher candidates with business and industry experience entering the CTE Teacher Preparation Program must meet all requirements listed below before the candidate is eligible to apply for and receive a Washington State CTE Teaching Certificate from the Office of the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Occupational Experience (WAC 181-77-041)

CTE Teacher Candidates must provide evidence of a minimum of 6,000 hours of work experience in the field in which they want to teach. One year must have been within the last six years. Required Classes/Indicators (WAC 181-77) The CTE Teacher Candidate must complete the required classes as defined in WAC 181-77. The classes must be taken from a State Board of Education approved provider.

The required classes are:

48 hours - Elements of Teaching

12 hours - Practicum I

10 hours - Abuse Issues

30 hours - Advanced Instructional Strategies

30 hours - Curriculum Design and Course Organization

10 hours - School Law

30 hours - Coordination Techniques

30 hours - Student Personal Development & Leadership

30 hours - Philosophy & History of Career & Technical Education

General Safety and Industrial Hygiene

Total: 230 hours

Basic Academic Skills Assessment (RCW 28A.410) CTE Teacher Candidates must be competent in basic skills in communication, reading, and computation and demonstrate one of the following options. Pass basic-skills assessment as identified by the provider. Completion of a baccalaureate or graduate degree. Completion 100 level or above course work in communications, reading, computation.

Fingerprinting & Background Check (RCW 28A.410) Washington State law requires that any CTE teacher candidate that does not hold a valid Washington teaching certificate must be fingerprinted for a state and national background check.

Good Character & Personal Fitness Supplement (WAC 181-79A-155) CTE Teacher Candidates that do not have a valid Washington State teacher's, administrator's, educational staff associate’s, or career and technical education certificate, must give evidence of good moral character and personal fitness. Candidates must complete the Character and Fitness Supplement Form.

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Click here for a program application.

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If you would like to learn more about Career and Technical Education as well as the process for certification, feel free to take our Introduction to Career and Technical Education seminar below.

The documents referred to in the PowerPoint are attached below for ease of downloading and printing. For more information, contact Jill Neyenhouse (Program Manager) at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone at (360) 604-1074.
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Download this file (2013-2014_CTE_Registration_Packet.pdf)Registration Packet[2013-2014 Registration Packet]
Download this file (doc 1-CTE Program Stand.pdf)doc 1-CTE Program Stand.pdf[Document #1: CTE Program Standards]
Download this file (doc 2-CTE cert_areas.pdf)doc 2-CTE cert_areas.pdf[Document #2: CTE Certification areas]
Download this file (doc 3-VCodes2012_13.pdf)doc 3-VCodes2012_13.pdf[Document #3: Teaching Areas]
Download this file (doc 4-SupplyDemand2006.pdf)doc 4-SupplyDemand2006.pdf[Document #4: Supply and Demand]
Download this file (doc 5-Affidavit.pdf)doc 5-Affidavit.pdf[Document #5: Affidavit]
Download this file (prog app 10.pdf)doc 6: Program Application[Document #6: Program Application]
Download this file (trancript review 12.pdf)doc 7: Transcript Review Request form[Document #7: Transcript Review Request form]
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